The National Council of NGOs in Kenya has expressed support for moves taken by the government to curb growing insecurity but said more needs to be done to stop bandits killing and robbing Kenyans. Speaking during ngo council  weekly media briefing,Council Chairman Stephen Kipchumba Cheboi said President H.E William Ruto has made the first decisive step urging illegal gun holders to surrender the weapons within one month  or face the full force of the law. 

Cheboi said it was unacceptable that some parts of the country are virtually under control of bandits who kill and rob at will as if there is no government. "It can no longer be business as usual and we commend the president for his decisive stand unless his predecessor never even once the insecurity ravaging the north and north east also badly hit by famine.

Cheoi said n cabinet secretaries and security chiefs being  the implementing organs of the  government should now move with speed and secure lives and property of impoverished residents also battling ravaging famine.

Cheboi expressed concern  over reports of the return of mugging gangs in some areas of tyhe city . The gang is said to operate with brutal efficiency once they waylay their victim as many people scarcely notice as they go about their business, going around with metal bars they sue to choke their  Those who notice prefer to mind their business victim before robbing which is now fast making Nairobi the worst city to work in if this trend is not checked.

The said muggers have been behind a wave of robberies uprooting heavy manholes from sewer and drainage water while taking advantage of congested street to pickpocket especially women purses, The Chairman the NGO Council and Members will work withe the Goverment for the welfare of the citizens, he urged all Kenyans to volunteer informations that will help the Government enhance peace and security in the country.

Stephen K. Cheboi- Chairman NGO Council of Kenya

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