2020/2021 Activities

Our 2020/2021 Activities

1. NGO Council together with the UNEP hosted NGOs sensitization forum
2. The NGO Council together Nairobi City County conducted sensitization to residents on clean environment.
3. The Council is participating together with other stakeholders in the redrafting of the children’s Act.
4. National Peace building campaigns towards a peaceful 2018 and 2019 respectively.
5. The NGO council joint other stakeholders under multi sectoral initiative against corruption in Kenya.
6. The NGOs Council joint other stakeholders to enhance the fight against negative impacts of climate change.
7. We worked with brook east Africa to convene national dialogue for NGOs leaders.
8. The council organized 2019 NGOs of the year award and also planning to seek support of stakeholders to host 2020 NGOs /CSOs of the year award on sustainable development goals.
9. Participated in the international women day 2020 held on March 2020.
10. Sensitization of NGOs on the need to align their programmes and activities around the Big four (4) agenda, vision 2030 and agenda 2030 for sustainable Development (SDGs)
11. Sensitization of NGOs and citizens on BBI process.
12. Capacity building of Directors/executive committee Members.