About The NGOs Council

NGO Council is a self-regulatory nonpartisan organization established in august 1990 under section 23(1) of the non-governmental organizations coordination Act, 1990 of the laws of Kenya.
Establishment of the Council
(1) There shall be established a Council to be known as the Non-Governmental Organizations Council which is a collective forum of all Non-Governmental Organizations registered under this Act.
 (2) The Council shall adopt its own structure, rules and procedures for the efficient administration of its activities:
The council have a code of conduct and such other regulations as may facilitate self-regulation by non-governmental organizations on matters of activities, funding programs, foreign affiliations, national security, and training the development of national manpower, institutional building, scientific and technological development and other matters as may be of national interest.
The NGO council is the umbrella body that brings together all registered NGOs in Kenya.
 Our has membership comprising of international, regional and local NGOs. The NGO Council provides leadership to its Membership NGOs Sector. 
The NGOs Council  Champion the key values of probity, transparency, accountability, justice and good governance, Climate change, Health, Gender and development, Children’s rights, poverty alleviation, Peace, Population, Training, Counseling small scale enterprises, disability and any other issues that affect society at large.
We enhance the self-regulation of our NGOs and assist them to realize their potential in improving services that improve the socio-economic status of Kenyan society in pursuit of sustainable development.

we need values of probity, transparency, accountability, justice and good governance

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The membership is drawn from the registered NGOs in Kenya, both locally and internationally.

The Members are encouraged to file returns with The NGOs Coordination Boards,

comply with necessary regulations and pay necessary annual subscriptions to the Membership Body.


The NGO council‘s coverage has been divided into 12 regions in Kenya divided as follows.

Our Team

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