The National Council of NGOs-Kenya (The NGO Council of Kenya)  Congratulate H.E Dr. William Samoei Ruto as he takes oath of office and pledges to work very closely with his  administration and the all the Elected leaders both at National and county levels and other development stakeholders for the benefit of the people of Kenya and around the region. 

The NGO Council will build a strong working relationship  with stakeholders at the same keep working  in its role as "public eye" to ensure the Government delivers on its election manifesto and necessary development priorities in the Country. 

With the more than 12,000 NGO Members and its affiliates the National Council of NGos will will work  to benefit mwananchi without fear or favour. The Council would engage in positive criticism when necessary as the "third eye of the society  and  will speak for the voiceless. 

The NGO Council congratulates the Kenya Kwanza Coalition for winning power and looks forward to working together through mutually beneficial ties. The Council and it's Members will not relent in the quest for a better living standards for the needy in the society, the NGO council would jealously guard the hard won freedoms of freedom of speech, assembly, worship, and the right for all citizens to live in a clean and secure environment.

 The Council noted that the Kenya Kwanza coalition will deliver on the mandate.

The NGO Council has five core values i.e probity, integrity,transparency and accountability, justice and good governance and hopes that the Government  and every citizen will uphold on the same.

The NGO Council will carry out  thorough sensitizations of the core values to the people of Kenya, the NGO Councill work with its Members and other stakeholders to promote ethical values in the kenyan society. The national umbrella organization champions for the  values and aspirations to pursue more so the overriding need for good governance that is accountable to the people.

The NGO Council urges all Kenyans to offer necessary full support. President Ruto will have a chance to fulfill its manifesto and "we ask wananchi to be vigilant and question implementation of projects.

The NGOs and other CSOs umbrella body would further work very closely with counties to realize the socioeconomic development in the devolved units in the country, ensure prudent use of public resources and public funds, and the council urges county governments to ensure their respective counties do not engage in anyform of corruption. 

The National Council of NGOs and its NGOs members engaged in Governance issues will work to ensure good governance is  realized at National and county levels. The NGO Council sensitizes citizens so as to ensure unacceptable blatant theft of scarce public resources and development expenditure is  not experienced. 

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Stephen K. Cheboi- Chairman NGO Council of Kenya

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