he National Council of NGOs-Kenya Popularly known as The NGO Council of Kenya is a statutory umbrella organization that brings together ALL International and Local NGOs/CSOs, registered in Kenya. The Council exists to preserve, strengthen, promote voluntary action and promote self-regulation of NGOs/CSOs sector in pursuit of justice, equitable and sustainable development in Kenya. The Council also intervenes on legal and policy issues and representation of the NGOs/CSOs sector, with a growing membership of over 12,000 NGOs and over 30,000 civil society organizations in Kenya.

The National Council of NGOs -Kenya is lauding Interior Cabinet secretary  and his colleague for ICT Joe Mucheru for assuring  Kenyans that the  Government will not shut down Facebook and other social media platforms during campaigns period and Elections day, we urge all Kenyans to be responsible and to utilize the social media platforms in positive ways by to preach peace and harmony among Kenyans during the campaigns and elections .The NGO Council also urges  all candidates of various political parties, the political Party Coalitions and all independent candidate in Kenya to campaign peacefully during the campaigns period as they seek support of Kenyans ahead of  Tuesday 9th August 2022 General Elections.

The NGO Council is calling on all leaders in each of the parties and political Coalitions in the country participating in the August General Elections to rally their Members and supporters to preach Peace during the campaign periods.   The NGO Council strongly condemns any incident of intolerance among leaders and Kenyans and competing political parties shouting one another at public rallies, 

The NGO Council urges parties and candidates to tame their supporters from shouting or disrupting their opponents' peaceful meetings or rallies.

 The National Council of NGOs and its Members NGOs and all other CSOs from around the country will continue campaigning for peace stakeholders to carry out a National Campaign for PEACEFUL Nation ahead of the Elections Peace in Kenya during the Campaign's period. 

The Council works with  all stakeholders including the Ministry of Interior and Coordination of the National Government to ensure peace prevails in our country during the campaign period. 

 The NGO Council under its "National initiative Mwananchi Peace initiative "will continue the campaign for Peace by mobilizing the Women, Youth, the elderly, political leaders and all Kenyans to prioritize peace in the country during this important period in the country. 

We thank you for your continued support.

For The National Council of NGOs-Kenya

Yours Sincerely,

Stephen K. Cheboi- Chairman NGOs Council of Kenya

Contacts: 0721843924 /0722450798 /0733298969

Nyayo House,16th Floor, P.O Box 58786-00200, Nairobi, Kenya

E-mail address: ngoscouncilkenya@gmail.com or Chairman@ngocouncilkenya.org, website https://ngocouncilkenya.org/  The Non-Governmental Organizations Council of Kenya (The NGOs Council of Kenya) Exists to preserve, strengthen and promote Voluntary action and Promote peace in Kenya and self-regulation of the NGOs/CSOs sector in pursuit of a just, Equitable, and sustainable development in Kenya.