State Urged To Fast-Track Dams’ Construction                                                                                           The National Council of Non-Governmental Organizations has called on the government to prioritize the building of dams as President Dr William Ruto had pledged in his campaigns ahead of August 9 General Election.

Council chairperson Stephen K. Cheboi said that the dams would assist in ensuring food security during dry seasons.

He was speaking in their Nyayo House the council offices during the organization’s weekly press briefing where he stressed the dams will enhance irrigation farming noting that rain fed agriculture had become unreliable in the wake of climate change.

Cheboi also stated that the provision of affordable fertilizers to the farmers will enable them to increase their yields which will go a long way in making the country food secure.

He called on Kenyans to plant trees to mitigate against climate change and hailed President Ruto’s initiative to have five billion trees planted in the country within the next five years.

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