The National Council of NGOs Calls for Peace and Harmony among All Kenyan during the Campaigns period ahead of the 9th August 2022 General Elections

The National Council of NGOs is urging  all the Political parties, the various candidates leaders of various positions to maintain PEACE and HARMONY as they campaign in every part of Kenya to seek support of Kenyans ahead of the Elections

The NGO Council urge political  parties and leaders to always maintain high level of decorum and  show political maturity as they reach out to Kenyans in various parts of the Country  

The NGOs Council in the country champions for peaceful  coexistence and harmony of all Kenyans in every part of the nation during the Campaigns and Elections day  

The Council urges the various candidates, campaigners and supporters to carry out peaceful campaign's,  avoid name calling instead sell policies and manifestos to the people on what they should do if they get elected during the upcoming  important general Elections in Kenya 

 The Council  of NGOs urges Kenyans to reject candidates  who use propaganda and hate rate as during their campaigns 

The  NGOs Council priorities the agenda of Peace and harmony among all Kenyans ahead of the 9th August 2022 General Elections Thank You Stephen Cheboi-CHAIRMAN NGO Council of Kenya 

Stephen K. Cheboi- Chairman NGO Council of Kenya

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